Tim’s Brazilian Experience


“It’s happened to us all before, you’re out surfing, enjoying a good session with just you and your mates. Then you suddenly get that sinking feeling as you see 10 people pile out into the line up, all at once, heading for you like a honing missile. Oh well, it was bound to happen at some point, so you just smile, wait you’re turn and try enjoy the remainder of you’re session. This would work except the new comers have a different attitude, continuous snaking, consecutive drop-ins and generally bad attitudes would make you think you have entered into a WQS final. As luck would have it, one particular honing missile decided to head my way to fade me for the third consecutive time, let’s just say my exit off the wave was either poorly timed or perfectly executed, depending on how you look at the situation.” – Tim 


Video by GUY MAC Surfer Tom Thimpson